Put your money where your heart is

People do amazing things. Their projects entertain, educate and inspire us all. Connect to them directly with financial support through PledgePot and help them to keep doing the things you love.

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Are you a project creator?

One account, many projects

Run multiple projects from one account. Centralized management makes your life easier.

It's not all or nothing

Use PledgePot as a primary or secondary income stream. Different schemes suit different people. Increase your monthly support by offering more choice.

Gamification made easy

Create tiers for badges and rewards. Automated gamification rewards loyalty and encourages long term support.

Are you a fan?

You're in control

You can support all your favourite projects on your own terms. Decide your pledge level, your anonymity, even your display name per each supported project.

Loyalty is rewarded

Everyone who Pledges to a Project gets the same bonus content. Additional rewards are based upon total contribution and loyalty over time.

Support the world you want to see

People are doing amazing things which you would love to see more of. PledgePot gives you full control over your spending and how it is targeted.

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